Bespoke Training

Team Development
Members of CSTD Bath have offered team development since its inception in 1979.  Frequently teams decide that they need facilitation when a crisis occurs.  However, our experience and our belief is that ongoing team development will usually prevent a team being crisis-driven and help to promote effective team working.

Our approach is to build on the strengths of the team and its members and to encourage a spirit of enquiry and appreciation.

Centre staff can work with management or with the team to set up a suitable programme ranging from one day events to ongoing work.

In-house Provision of Courses
It is possible to employ the Centre for a single course or the full certificate.  Some employers prefer to provide one module leaving staff free to choose to complete the rest of the programme.

Continuing Professional Development
Teams and Organisations and Working with Difference are specifically designed to be taken as CPD courses. In addition to this, the modules that make up the certificate course may be taken individually as continuing professional development with the exception of the last module, Supervision Integration.