EMCC Coaching Supervision Programme

2017 was the last opportunity to do this programme in the UK  To obtain the Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants, you must complete the following by July 2018:

•    Supervision Essentials Course
•    Group Supervision for Executive Coaches
•    Supervising with the Team and Organisation in Mind
•    Two tutorials
•    Ten hours supervision on supervision
•    50 hours of your own supervision delivery/practice
•    Supervision Integration Course
•    360° Feedback

50 Hours of Your Own Supervision Delivery/Practice In addition to the taught courses and one-to-one sessions, each participant must undertake supervision practice. Supervision of groups of coaches qualifies as practice time, but a minimum of half the supervision practice must be one to one.  Both supervision on supervision and supervision practice can be scheduled throughout the duration of the taught modules, and usually continues after the Supervision Integration Course.

Tutorials Two tutorials with one of the training staff, one at the beginning of the training, and one to integrate the training and the self/peer and supervisor assessment at the end of the training.

Supervision on Supervision Ten hours of supervision of your supervision practice from an approved training supervisor. Your supervision practice should be a minimum of 50 hours.

360° Feedback Your peers, supervisees and supervisor will have the opportunity to give feedback on your supervision delivery. A feedback report will be produced for you and your tutor to review during your second tutorial.

360 Feedback Questions - click here

Two pieces of written work
The first is submitted prior to the first tutorial and is your own document on why supervision is important, what supervision is and how you carry it out.  The second is submitted prior to the second tutorial and covers what you have learnt from course modules, tutorials, and supervision on your practice, and how you have applied it in your practice.

Tutorials - (including assignment marking) £250 each
Supervision on Supervision £125 per hour
360° feedback £80