We have been providing supervision training since 1979. During that time much has changed in how services are provided in all sectors – public, voluntary and private. In response to this we have kept our basic value-driven approach but developed one which meets the needs of today’s world. We run our courses from a large and comfortable Victorian house on the edge of Bath with beautiful country views.

Our philosophy and practice is one of open inquiry and reflective practice. Since we started the public and voluntary services as well as the professions themselves have become more professional and require more accountability from those they employ or represent and there are greater pressures on budgets so resources are more limited. These constraints and professional developments have resulted in shorter term, more focussed, work using evidence based practice in which targets can be shown to be met. We recognise that this has many implications for the provision of supervision and how it is carried out within the work place.

Other work, usually in private settings, is longer term with time to wait for the emergent to be revealed. A more reflective, less focussed, style is more applicable in this setting. In order to meet this need as well as those of professionals in public and voluntary organisations, we have a choice of modules so you can choose to undertake modules which reflect the style of supervision you most need to learn. This is not to say that those who work in the public and voluntary services do not also need to be reflective and those in private settings to be accountable so these needs are held in balance in all our modules.

We teach a variety of models but the main one is known as the Seven-Eyed Model which Peter Hawkins, (one of our founders) devised as long ago as 1985. This has stood the test of time and the book which first published it, Supervision in the Helping Professions by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet has been the major text for most supervision courses internationally since it first came out. It is now in its 4th edition and Judy Ryde, (another of the tutors in CSTD Bath) also contributed to this and the 3rd edition. This model has been shown to be applicable to all approaches to the work of helping professionals including psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural and humanistic approaches. The book is given free at the start of the certificate programme as the major text book for the course.


I studied for the CTSD Diploma in Supervision in 2015 and was hugely impressed by the openness and integrity of the tutors and by the quality of all feedback received, which was delivered sensitively and compassionately. The programme was highly experiential, whilst also being rigorously academic. I consider myself particularly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be facilitated by Judy Ryde, and to experience first-hand her skill and artistry in managing group processes.
John Perry, Lead for Healthcare Communication, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

I found the CSTD course a very helpful and supportive introduction to supervisory practice. The training days were expertly facilitated and I really appreciated the multidisciplinary nature of all the groups I was part of. This allowed for rich discussions and enough time and space to really think things through. The course supported me through my early experiences of supervising others, and has enabled me to continue to consider my learning needs in my new role. This has led to me seeking ongoing supervisory support from a CSTD supervisor, which has both enriched my practice, and supported me through the challenges of settling in to a new role.
NHS consultant psychiatrist

Rae Howling

Rae Howling

Rae Howling C of Ed, CQSW, Dip HIP, MA HIP, UKCP Reg. Rae is a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, and works on the final stages of the psychotherapy MA at the Bath Centre of Psychotherapy and Counselling. She has a private practice in Bristol. Previously she worked as a senior social worker and family therapist. She is particularly interested in the integration of Intersubjective Systems Theory and Dialogical theory in her work as a psychotherapist. Rae has worked as a supervisor of psychotherapists and students in training for many years.

07772 559952

Jane Purkiss

Jane Purkiss

Jane Purkiss, MA, PGCE, is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with 20 years experience of training and supervision. She was Director of Studies at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling from 2007-2011. One of her areas of interest is post modern approaches to loss and separation. She has run training days on this theme in various locations in the South West and published articles in The British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration (2010) and Self and Society (2009). Jane’s background is in education and she is fluent in French.

07905 970635

Martin Capps

Maria Storey Walker

Maria Storey Walker, MA, is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer working with adults, children and young people. She is Programme Director for the MA in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London, on which she lectures and supervises trainee psychotherapists. She has a private practice in London and in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Maria’s psychotherapeutic approach combines talking therapy with creative exploration using dreams, sandplay, art and visualisation to help ‘make the unconscious conscious’ and bring balance to life.

07834 855462

Martin Capps

Martin Capps

Martin Capps MSc, SM GPTI, is a gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with over 20 years of experience in the private, NHS and third sectors working with individuals, couples and groups. He is currently a primary tutor on the Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy course of the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership in Cardiff, and has taught at the Metanoia Institute. He is particularly interested in the relational aspects of shame and its impact on individuals and organisations, and in particular how it may present in the therapeutic and supervisory relationships. He works from his home near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire as well as in Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

07941 647740

Rae Howling

Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman, MA, Cert. Ed., Dip HIC, Dip HIP, UKCP reg. Kate is a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She is Course Leader for the MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy at Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling. One of her areas of interest is the nature of psychotherapeutic integration - the intersubjective with the dialogical, the embodied with the imaginal, the personal with the collective - and how this might help us to relate to others in a way that allows us to hold a paradox of not knowing whilst listening to what is already known. She has been in private practice in Bath for 15 years.

07581 624771

Lisa Nel

Lisa Nel

Lisa Nel BA(Comb)Hons, PGCE, MBACP(Accred) has 33 years’ experience in educational and therapeutic roles. She currently practises as a supervisor and integrative, humanistic counsellor with adults and under-18s in Warminster. Lisa teaches at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, and also runs post-qualifying CPD courses in counselling children and young people.

Special interests include developing robust reflective supervision for educators and learning new ways to support anyone impacted by trauma. Lisa runs workshops about vicarious traumatisation with her colleague, Mark Stancombe, from a shared belief in the value of proactive, compassionate self-care in the helping professions.

07810 441896

Rod London

Rod London

Roderic London B.Ed (Hons); MSc; Dip Supervision (CSTD) is a UKCP registered and mBACP accredited gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with many years’ experience in the private, NHS, HE and schools, and voluntary sectors. He has a private practice in Birmingham where he also taught in schools for many years. As well as working with individuals and groups in various settings, he also works outdoors and is interested in the role that relationship with the natural world has in resourcing and supporting therapeutic work and personal development. He is co-director of Gestalt Birmingham providing CPD to practitioners and is currently co-chair of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute.



Alison Stephenson

Dawn Grantham

Dawn Grantham M.A., is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Supervisor working with Adults, Children and Young People. Dawn is also an EMDR Therapist a Tutor for The Association of Sandplay Therapists and The
Centre for Psychotherapy Education, is the Lead Counsellor in 2 schools and has a private practice in central London. As an Integrative and Transpersonal practitioner she is particularly keen to explore the
creative and systemically influenced aspects of therapeutic and supervisory relationships.

07701 093666

Rosa is here to help with your CSTD bookings and answer any queries you may have along the course pathway.

Rosa Bladon


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