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Supervision in the Helping Professions new 5th edition 2020

By Peter Hawkins and Aisling McMahon

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This book, on which much of the material for our courses is based, explores the purposes, models and different forms of supervision in the helping and people professions. The book explores the purposes, models and different forms of supervision in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, social work, community work, occupational and creative therapy, and the probation and prison services. It has been described as 'ground-breaking' in the development of supervision and supervisor training and has been translated into five languages.

The fourth edition presents the challenges facing our times and the implications for the helping professions and supervision. It explores what has changed in supervision in the last 25 years, including recent research and publications. It includes: a new chapter on ethics and handling difficult situations in supervision; new material on developing reflective practice; guidance on supervision of supervision and training supervisors; and a new model for supervising teamwork.

White Privilege Unmasked

By Judy Ryde - order via Amazon

This book is by Judy Ryde and was written to help white people understand, acknowledge and explore the reason for their privilege as well as think about how to be ‘part of the solution.’

Being White in the Helping Professions: Developing Effective Intercultural Awareness

By Judy Ryde and published by Jessica Kingsley - order via Amazon

This book challenges white professionals to recognise their own cultural and racial identity and the impact it has when working in a multicultural setting. Judy explores her own involvement in white privilege and invites the reader to do likewise. The book is both a personal exploration and a practical guide to work with clients individually and within organisations.

Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy 2E: Supervision, Skills and Development

by Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith - order via Amazon

What are the key skills needed to be a successful coach, mentor or supervisor?
How can personal development be effectively facilitated?

The fields of coaching, mentoring and consultancy are going through a phase of professionalization, with the establishment of formal standards, European bodiesand standard requirements for supervision. Substantially revised, this accessible book provides a response to these growing demands,

Integrative Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice: A Relational, Systemic and Ecological Approach

By Peter Hawkins and Judy Ryde - order via Amazon

Bringing together relational, systemic and ecological approaches, this pioneering book outlines a valuable integrative psychotherapeutic method and presents the core steps for implementing it into practice. The book provides a robust examination of the historical roots and theoretical underpinnings of the approach, alongside insights from contemporary neuroscience. The authors also offer a clear framework for carrying out integrative work, weaving together relational, systemic and ecological threads.

Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession: Structured Reflective Practice

By David Owen and Robin Shohet - order via Amazon

With a foreword by Iona Heath, President of the Royal College of General Practitioners

This book helps trainee and practising doctors to develop a broader understanding of supervision. Written by doctors and other medical specialists experienced in clinical supervision it gives the reader the means to enable, structure and develop their reflective practice. It provides practical tools to engage positively with regulatory challenges, increase satisfaction at work and improve quality of care. Read More...

Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession considers the reasons for clinical supervision and how it can support doctors and even transform how they engage with challenging issues. The authors outline a range of ways that they have put clinical supervision into practice and how it has benefitted their work.


Christine Dunkley, Helen Halpern, Anita Houghton, Sue Morrison, David Owen, Patricia Ridsdale, Paul Sackin, John Salinsky, Robin Shohet, Maggie Stanton, Guy Undrill and Sonya Wallbank.

Supervision in the Psychological Professions: Building your own Personalised Model

By David A. Lane, Mary Watts, Sarah Corrie - order via Amazon

A truly innovative gem of a book, Supervision in the Psychological Professions empowers psychologists in all fields to become highly skilled and successful in their application of supervisory processes and methods. As the psychological professions move toward mandating supervision, this book expertly bridges the gap between philosophy and practice. It offers a practical, accessible and conceptual approach for those wanting to hone their knowledge and skills in this increasingly important area. Inviting the reader to reflect on their own practice through reflective questions, case studies and exercises, Lane, Watts and Corrie skilfully highlight how the supervisor and supervisee can negotiate an effective relationship within agreed frameworks.

Supervision in Action: A Relational Approach to Coaching and Consulting Supervision

By Erik de Hahn - 2012 - order via Amazon

Supervision assures the quality of professional practice through careful monitoring; it heals wounds through wholesome listening and support and offers a unique and free space to develop that which we all want to progress: our personal relationships.

This book will help professional supervisors, consultants and coaches with the 'care for the self' aspect of their role - the art of enhancing one's own performance with the help of experience in practice. The book features: Read More...

A compact overview of the whole profession of coaching and consulting supervision
An integrated approach for coaches and consultants, highlighting differences
More than 40 real-life case vignettes
Short summaries after each chapter
A full overview of types of contract and methodology, with specific flowcharts
A detailed introduction to the ethics of supervision
Supervision in Action is a book for all professional consultants who want to take good care of themselves and who want to help other consultants and coaches with the care for the self.

Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses

By Meg Bond and Stevie Holland - 2011 - order via Amazon

This is the first practical book on clinical supervision of nurses. It offers ways of understanding the context of clinical supervision in nursing - especially why it has taken so long to be seen as important - and pinpoints organizational and personal pitfalls that can sabotage its effectiveness. The book provides practical guidance for supervisees, emphasizing self-empowerment and developing the reflective skills necessary to make full use of clinical supervision. It offers clinical supervisors an in-depth look at their one-to-one and group facilitation skills and shows how to develop them. It gives guidance to managers on how to sponsor and coordinate systems of clinical supervision. Read More...

While this book draws on theoretical literature on the subject of clinical supervision in nursing and allied professions, readers will also benefit from the authors; direct experience in participation, observation and training in consultancy in clinical supervision.

MEG BOND and STEVIE HOLLAND are educators of adults, developing and personal and interpersonal skills which underlie professional development. Meg specializes in clinical supervision and group facilitator training. Stevie runs courses on individual and organizational needs in change and practices as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Their partnership Go Education - the Group and Open Education Consultancy, has had contracts with many NHS Trusts throughout the country as well as within other public services, business and voluntary sectors. Both have backgrounds in nursing, health visiting and nurse educators in higher education.

Psychotherapy Supervision

By Maria C Gilbert and Kenneth Evans - order via Amazon

An integrative relational approach to psychotherapy supervision.

Maria Gilbert and Ken Evans have given us a beautifully written and richly illustrated account of psychotherapy supervision. Providing clear guidelines for effective clinical supervision, the book describes and vividly illustrates how the supervisor monitors, instructs, models, consults and supports the supervisee, all within the context of respect and empathy.
Marvin R Goldfreid, PhD State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York USA Read More...

Don't read this book if you have a well-worked out, pre-determined model of supervision that you don't want to change, it will only disturb, distract and challenge you. If you would like to review your model of supervision, on the other hand, update it in the light of modern scholarship and insights, open it to 'manufactured uncertainty' so as to adapt it to the contemporary issues of the day, then it's a 'must ' for you. It's a book of tomorrow in the light of the best of yesterday.
Michael Carroll, PhD Chartered Psychologist and BACP fellow

Gilbert and Evan's book is sure to become a key text in the area of psychotherapy supervision from an integrative perspective. Gilbert and Evans draw much needed attention to the often neglected aspect of the contexts within which supervision takes place. Their focus on the multi-cultural aspects of supervision and their advocacy of the anti-oppressive practices is of note, highly recommended to beginning supervisees and seasoned supervisors alike. This book will make a substantial contribution to the field for a long time to come.
Gillian Straker, Professor of Psychology, University of Sydney

MARIA GILBERT is a chartered clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor who has many years of experience in adult education, organizational consultancy and training and also maintains a private psychotherapy and supervision practice. She has been involved in the training and supervision of supervisors for many years.

KENNETH EVANS is an integrative psychotherapist registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Formerly a social worker is also an Anglican priest and works with individual adults and groups. He is director of the clinical training at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and programme leader for the MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy and supervision courses. He is also programme leader for a doctorate in psychotherapy. He has been involved in the training and supervision of supervisors for many years.

The Social Work Supervisor

By Allan Brown and Iain Bourne - order via Amazon

Supervision in community, daycare and residential settings.

The Social Work Supervisor is the first comprehensive British text on supervision of staff in social work, community care and social welfare settings. It examines the changing social work scene of the 1990s, and breaks new ground in areas such as: Read More...

  • Anti-oppressive supervision
  • Supervision of post-traumatic stress
  • Group supervision

The Social Work Supervisor is a comprehensive text for the social work supervisor and for all the supervisors in social welfare and community care settings. It includes new material not found in other books on supervision. The authors emphasise the importance of the supervisory relationship, regular skilled supervision and clear value base in the provision of good quality services.

This book provides a clear theoretical framework, bringing theory and practice together though numerous practical examples of supervision in action. One major chapter examines a range of typical supervision situations and provides suggestions for possible supervisor responses

The Social Work Supervisor will be invaluable reading for new and experienced supervisors; practice-teachers supervising students; trainers of supervisors and social work mangers.

ALAN BROWN is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Bristol University. He has published widely on the subject of groupwork and his publications include a book on Consultation (1984). He has experience as a staff and student supervisor and as a consultant. He has taught on many courses for supervisors and consultants in social Services Departments, probation and voluntary settings.

IAIN BOURNE is a full-time trainer working for his own consultancy IMPACT, which specialises in helping practitioners respond to clients at the point of crisis. He is also the Course Director for the Diploma in Post-traumatic Stress Counselling which he developed for the Home Office. Previously he worked as the Principal Training Consultant for the Richmond Fellowship College, and has run many courses on supervision, as well as being an experienced supervisor and consultant himself.

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