Tutorials and Supervision on Supervision

Four tutorials are needed to be undertaken in order to obtain the Diploma, and two tutorial sessions for the Certificate, each with one of the Centre staff, the tutor to be decided on as early as possible in the process. The fee for each tutorial is £75.

For Diploma and Certificate students the first tutorial takes place after the Fundamentals Course to plan the participant’s learning and development.  Diploma Students have a second and third tutorial after completing assignments one and two ; and a final qualifying tutorial after completing their assignment for Supervision Integration. The fee for the marking of the three assignments is £300 and should be paid at the beginning of the process when registering for the Diploma.

Certificate Students have a qualifying tutorial after completion of Supervision Integration.

Select your tutor from the current Tutor list (see details in the Student handbook). If you have any queries about your choice and how to make it please contact Martin.



The experiential learning aspect of the programme was invaluable and enriched by the mixture of professionals in attendance. The support and guidance from the tutors was excellent, with the 360 feedback providing a useful and beneficial aspect of the course.
Liza Heatley, UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Devon

10 hours of Supervision on 50 hours of Supervision

Before being awarded the Certificate or Diploma, ten hours of supervision on supervision practice need to be completed with either one of the Centre staff or a senior supervisor.

Supervisors of Supervision include:

Rae Howling - Bristol
Ruth Yudkin - Bristol
Richard Sale - Bristol *
Lynn Linsdale - Bristol
Mick Parsons - Bristol
Kate Bowman - Bath
Sue Cook - Bath
Sue Wright - Stroud
Martin Capps - Ross-on-Wye and Chepstow*
Lisa Nel - Warminster
Rod London - Birmingham
Sally Openshaw - Exeter
Tree Staunton - Bath & Stroud

David Slattery - Nailsworth
Vienna Duff - Worcester
Sonja Potts - Redditch
Damion Wonfor - London*
Julie Brennan - Carmarthen
Lesley Spencer - Cardiff
Lis Hughes Jones - Cardiff
Becky Midwinter - Chepstow and Lydney *
Elizabeth Dartnall - Bradford on Avon
Maria Storey Walker - East Knoyle, Wiltshire
Niki Gibbs - Bristol
Damion Wonfor - London

Ian Rees - Glastonbury
Julie Jeffs - Devon *
Liza Heatley - Devon
Suhith Shivanath - London
Helen Macallan - South West London
Dawn Grantham - West Kensington, London
Briony Nicholls - Oxford
Annalisa Caldon - Coombe/Oxford
Antonia Murphy - Scotland
Maryam Best - West Cornwall
Hazel Ratcliffe - Warwickshire
Carole Evans - Barry/Cardiff *
Gillian Downie - Chepstow
Jacqui Hughes - Surrey/London
Cleo Lawrence - Essex/London

* denotes those also offering coaching supervision


Contact CSTD for more information on Supervision