Is CSTD Bath accredited?
CSTD Bath Supervision Training has been officially validated by the HIPC section of UKCP as a 'Recognised Supervisor Training' (RST) since 2016 and meets all requirements for this recognition.

Is there an entry requirement to the training?
Candidates should be an accredited member of one of the Helping Professions and a member of a professional association with a code of ethics and complaints procedure.  They should be a qualified member of the helping professions.

Our candidates cover a range of professions including: psychotherapists, counsellors, doctors, health assistants, teachers, interfaith ministers, mental health practitioners, psychologists, social workers, student counsellors, nurses, nurse managers, acupuncturists, drama therapists, art therapists, homeopaths and coaches.

Is it possible to have a different supervisor from those listed?
Yes. Our list of Supervisors on Supervision is not a closed one. The criteria for Supervisors coming on to the list are as follows: experienced in delivering supervision; having a good working knowledge of the Hawkins-Shohet Seven-Eyed Model; being able to offer 10 sessions of supervision on supervision over a period of time, ideally over the duration of the course, and delivered separately from any other supervisory activity.

Do I have to have completed the 50 hours of supervision on supervision before I attend the final module, Supervision Integration?
No. We offer a degree of flexibility about this because Supervision Integration only happens once a year. It is possible to attend this Module and at a later date complete the required hours and the final paperwork of the qualifying process. 

How do I arrange who is my tutor and to book a tutorial?
This is discussed on the Fundamentals Module. You can choose any tutor from the list (see Student Handbook) and contact them using their published contact details. Please also see the guidelines about tutorials (when and how many) in the Handbook.

If I am unable to attend can I transfer to another module?
As per our cancellation policy
Changing from one course to another will incur an administration fee of:
£ 25 up to eight weeks before the course
£ 50 up to four weeks before the course
If the course is postponed with less than 4 weeks’ notice the full fee is payable.

Can I pay by instalments?
The answer to this is yes, so long as the deposit is paid to secure the place and the balance is paid in full before attending the course.


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